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Michigan LGBT leaders plan 100-day hunger strike

Eight gay-rights groups in Michigan join forces to educate 'straight allies about the extreme anti-equality government in this state'
LGBT leaders taking part in the Hungry4Equality hunger strike will post up in this center's main street window display.

Leaders from gay rights groups in Michigan will embark on a 100-day hunger strike.

Starting tomorrow 30 July, leaders from eight different gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights groups will go without food for 24 hours as part of their Hungry4Equality campaign.

Hungry4Equality is designed to raise awareness of specific issues facing the LGBT community, according to David Garcia, executive director of LGBT group Affirmations in Ferndale.

Strikers intend to target anti-gay legislators and legislation including Republican congressman David Agema, who proposed to eliminate funding for Michigan's HIV programs and use the funds for airport upkeep, and former Senate candidate Gary Glenn who opposes the introduction of anti-bullying programs that will protect LGBT students in Michigan schools.

'We're trying to educate our straight allies about the extreme anti-equality government in this state', said Garcia in an interview.

Garcia will start the strike by being the first of many to publicly protest the slow progression of LGBT rights in Michigan.

Over the following 99 days, strikers will be visible from a large window facing 9 Mile in downtown Ferndale.

For more information on strike supporters, advocates and sponsors, visit the website and Affirmation's Twitter account

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