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Mickey Mouse was a violent homophobic thug

Disney icon met a 'gay' cat in a comic strip, and decided to teach a lesson to 1930s kids about tolerance
Disney's Mickey Mouse was a violent, homophobic thug.

You might think of Mickey Mouse as the magical, friendly, steam-boating icon of the Disney Corporation, but he has a darker past.

Back in 1931, a comic strip featured the mouse visiting his neighbor Kat Nipp.

From the sight of his yard sign, Mickey is nervous that his neighbor is clearly such a ‘tough bird’ that he never learned how to spell.

‘Oh, I beg your p-p-pardon! But are you the tough g-g-gentleman who lives here?’ Mickey says.

But it turns our not to be Mr Nipp, but a lisping, prancing horrible homosexual stereotype.

And Mickey’s response?

‘Cream-puff inhaler’.

And that was the comic strip, Mickey Mouse meets an effeminate muscled cat and beats it up for being gay.

That was more than 80 years ago, and since then Disney has improved on gay issues.

The parks regularly have unofficial ‘Gay Days’ and a pair of lesbian moms recently featured on the Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie.

Some also think the classic films, from The Lion King to The Little Mermaid, also have several coded gay characters. Most of all with Frozen, which many have said could be a metaphor for coming out.

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