Milla Jovovich loves her ‘gay husband’

Resident Evil shares how she used to steal items from posh hotels with her gay best friend

Milla Jovovich loves her ‘gay husband’
31 August 2012

Ukranian-American model and actress Milla Jovovich has spoken out about her love for her ‘gay husband’.

The Resident Evil star said even though she has been married to film producer Paul W.S Anderson since 2009, she has a gay friend who is just as close to her as him.

‘I have a gay husband on top of my husband,’ she explained to film magazine Empire.

The 36-year-old, who was once named by VH1 as the ‘reigning queen of kicking butt, said she loved getting into trouble with her best friend.

She confessed: ‘My gay husband and I managed to steal a whole Lanesborough Hotel tea set.

‘We got four cups and saucers, a sugar pot, a pot for cream and the only thing we didn’t get was the teapot.

‘This was all on different trips. But because we stole it, it’s all broken,’

Jovovich also admitted she had a steal credit cards as a kid, but it didn’t always end well.

She said: ‘I thought I was a bad girl when I was a kid. We’d find wallets and use the credit cards at the weekend, then get arrested for it.’

Jovovich will return for the fifth installment of Resident Evil, which is scheduled to be released on 14 September.



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