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Millions witness anti-gay bullying at work in the UK

Stonewall's figures claim over a quarter of gay, lesbian and bisexual people are not open to their colleagues and 20% have been verbally bullied in the last five years
Stonewall's new campaign: 'One Is Gay: If That Bothers People Our Work Continues.
Photo by Stonewall.

Millions witness homophobic bullying at work in the UK, a gay campaigning charity has found.

In the past five years, 2.4 million people of working age have witnessed verbal homophobic bullying at work with 800,000 people seeing physical attacks.

Stonewall’s figures also show over a quarter of lesbian, gay and bisexual people are not open to colleagues about their sexual orientation.

One in five have also experienced verbal bullying from colleagues or customers in the last five years, and one in eight LGB employees would not feel confident reporting homophobia in their workplace.

The charity is launching a national campaign today (13 January) to ‘change once and for all’ the endemic levels of homophobia in the workplace.

Featuring two people at work, from construction to the city, the campaign states: ‘One is gay. If that bothers people, our work continues.’

The posters will appear on nearly 650 buses in London, Cardiff and Edinburgh as well as on 4,000 adverts on the London Underground.

Stonewall Deputy Chief Executive Laura Doughty said: ‘After securing equal marriage in England and Wales people mustn’t forget the huge amount of work still to be done.

‘No one should be under any illusion that it’s “Mission Accomplished”.

‘In workplaces right across the country, gay people still don’t feel able to be themselves. It’s time to change that once and for all.’

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