Minister says Malaysians should protest same-sex marriages

Malaysian Minister for Islamic Affairs speaks out about last Saturday’s much publicized gay wedding reception in Kuala Lumpur

Minister says Malaysians should protest same-sex marriages
08 August 2012

Minister for Islamic Affairs in the Prime Minister’s department of the Malaysian government has aired his views on the wedding reception of a gay pastor and his husband in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday.

Last year Christian pastor Reverend O Young Wen Feng (also known as Ngeo Boon Lin) married Phineas Newborn III in New York. O Young, who has written a book about Christianity and homosexuality, wanted to celebrate his marriage in his home country of Malaysia too – so last Saturday (4 August) they held the first publicized gay wedding reception in the country.

Minister Jamil Khir said: ‘The reception portrayed Malaysian society as confused. It’s clear their motive was to fight for gay rights.’

According to the Malaysian Insider, Jamil Khir also said that Malaysians should protest ‘en masse the practice of same sex marriages as it will erode the family institution’.

Jamil Khir also commented when the couple married in New York last year, saying it was an example of ‘extreme human rights’ and will ‘encourage liberalism’. He added: ‘we agree with human rights but such extremism that allows man and man to marry will create social problems’.

Boon and Newborn released a video of their wedding in New York on Facebook earlier this week.



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