Minneapolis news anchor accidentally begins story by saying: ‘I pledge allegiance to the fag’

Bill Lunn explains: 'Honest stumble trying to read the word flag. Feel horrible about it'

Minneapolis news anchor accidentally begins story by saying: ‘I pledge allegiance to the fag’
12 June 2013

Bill Lunn, an anchor for the Minneapolis station KSTP-TV, made a slip while introducing a story on Tuesday (11 June) that has found a new life on YouTube.

Lunn was beginning a story on the Pledge of Allegiance when he said: ‘I pledge allegiance to the fag …’

He quickly corrected himself by saying ‘flag’ and went on with the story but a viewer captured the moment and posted it online.

At first, Lunn tried to downplay the incident by tweeting: ‘Haha… unfortunate slip of the tongue. Getting razzed at work a bit’ and ‘4 years and they couldn’t get me on the KSTP blooper reel. I guess they’ve got me now.’

As the story grew, his tweets grew more serious: ‘I want to sincerely apologize for stumbling over the word flag on Tuesday’s late newscast. What came out of my mouth was a word I never use.’

‘I said it. I’m taking my lumps & owning it. Not what I intended at all. But I’m sincerely sorry for my slip up. … Honest stumble trying to read the word flag. Feel horrible about it.’

He thanked people for their support and added: ‘Just asking folks for their forgiveness.’

Lunn also made clear that it is not a word he approves of off the air either: ‘The word when intended is offensive. It was not intended. I merely bumbled trying to read flag. I detest that word. … I know what’s in my heart. It was an embarrassing slip of the tongue. Nothing more. Those who know me, know that.’

Below is video of the Freudian slip:



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