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Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton speaks out in favor of gay marriage in his state

Wants state to be place where 'no one is told that it is illegal to marry the person you love'

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton stuck mostly to fiscal issues in his State of the State address on Wednesday (6 February) but he made sure to make time to express his support of same-sex marriage in his state.

'I want Minnesota to be a state which affirms that freedom for one means freedom for everyone, and where no one is told that it is illegal to marry the person you love,' Dayton said in his speech.

Even though Minnesota was a part of a sweep of historic victories for marriage equality during last November's US elections, gay marriage is still not legal in the state.

Voters there defeated a measure that would have defined marriage as being between a man and a woman while in the same night, voters in Washington, Maine and Maryland approved marriages between same-sex couples.

No marriage bills have been introduced in the state legislature so far this year but bills House and Senate proposals are expected to be rolled out soon.

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