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Mission America’s Linda Harvey claims gays are all closeted straight people

Far right American Christian author Linda Harvey claims we’re all pretending that we’re attracted to people of the same-sex because nobody has won the Nobel Prize for discovering a gay gene
Mission America's Linda Harvey

Mission America ‘media missionary’ Linda Harvey has taken to far right US website WND to claim that gay people are actually all heterosexual – and are terrified of anyone finding out.

In a column entitled ‘Reality: everyone is a heterosexual’ praising Russia’s ban on so-called homosexual propaganda to minors Harvey says since no one has won the Nobel Peace Prize for discovering a gene that causes homosexuality one must not exist.

‘Remember that Nobel Prize winner, the scientist who discovered the “gay” gene? I’m having trouble coming up with the name,’ Harvey writes,

‘It’s because there is no such researcher, since nothing like a “gay gene” has been found. Surely, with the Western elites’ affection for “gay rights,” a Nobel Prize would be the reward if such a discovery were on record.

‘The infuriated “gays” are all closet heterosexuals, terrified someone will find out and blow the lid off this movement.

‘The reality is, no one is a homosexual and everyone is a heterosexual. And those who have developed, fantasized and nurtured those “gay” feelings really don’t like reality. It makes them want to attack. Or it makes them start vicious organizations like GLAAD, to make the lies seem real and respectable.’

WND, formerly World News Daily, is a "news website" that is so anti-gay that they put quotation marks around the word gay in all their articles discussing LGBTI issues.

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So does that mean that all straight people are closeted gay people? Just pretending to like the opposite sex?

"And those who have developed, fantasized and nurtured those “gay” feelings really don’t like reality."..ahahahaha .seriously lady .."dont like reality" coming from a woman who believes in a floating sky monkey ....FOOL

Don't people realize that this woman, and many like her, are mentally ill? It's called delusional! The crap they spew is just getting worse and worse and more and more bizarre! The scary thing is,they believe what they say. Another scary thing is,some others believe this shit! I think if someone could find some common sense and brains in this woman,THAT'S the person who deserves the Noble Prize! Wow!

People like Linda Harvey are the reason why organized religion is virtually dead in the US. (Of course, there is not one thing Christ-like about her.)

The real problem, however, is the profound ignorance of these people, along with their pride in remaining that way.

People like Linda Harvey should be ashamed of themselves. It is true that the US is on the decline and that its best days are far behind us. One of the main reasons is because of people like her.