Mission America’s Linda Harvey says homeless LGBTI teens only have themselves to blame

Far-right Christian author Linda Harvey has blamed gay teens for running away from ‘heart-broken’ homophobic parents who want to control their lives – saying they only have themselves to blame for their homelessness

Mission America’s Linda Harvey says homeless LGBTI teens only have themselves to blame
07 April 2014

Mission America anti-gay author has made the extraordinary claim that homeless young LGBTI people only have themselves to blame for their homelessness – blaming them for running away from homophobic parents.

‘”Kids are kicked out of their homes just for being who they are,” is how the saying goes,’ Harvey said in a radio clip uncovered by RightWingWatch.org.

‘Well let me offer another possibility that I’ve heard far too often: a parent learns that a son or daughter is claiming to be gay but an underage child still lives at home, so the now-heartbroken parent puts new restrictions on some of the activities like for instance, the teen is no longer going to be having sleepovers with that same-sex friend, or if the friend is a college student or has an apartment, visits over there will not be permitted.

‘What does the teen do? It may become a fight where the teen storms out by choice and leaves voluntarily because the homosexual relationship is more important than that of his or her parents. And when that all-important relationship ends, the teen is too stubborn or already too-involved in alcohol or drugs or the premature independence of the homosexual life and he or she would rather drift than return home.’

However Harvey conceded that it wasn’t always parental restrictions placed on young LGBTI people that saw them homeless – but she didn’t name other reasons, such as rejection by their parents or homophobic violence in their homes.

‘It’s not always the case of course but personal decisions are at the heart of these issues,’ Harvey said.

Harvey has in the past said that gay people are just heterosexuals who are in denial, that they are not people, that they try to absorb other people’s personalities and that anti-bullying programs aimed at protecting LGBTI young people turn kids gay.

RightWingWatch.org is a project of the group People for the American Way.



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