Mission to improve Indian LGBT lives at work launched

Community Business launches a guide to improve the experience of LGBT people at work in India

Mission to improve Indian LGBT lives at work launched
10 October 2012

The same organization that published a study into workplace discrimination in Hong Kong has launched a guide to help employers in India create an environment for LGBT workers to flourish.

Community Business launched the guide at an event in Mumbai yesterday and will host another launch in Bangalore on Friday.

Co-author of the guide Community Business project manager Kevin Burns told Gay Star News the reaction at the launch was ‘absolutely positive’. He said:

‘The one theme that really came through in terms of feedback was that the companies were excited to have a very thorough guide. For example the business case we presented with multiple different arguments and rationale for addressing this issue in the workplace.’

Forty-five people from 25 different multi-national organizations attended the launch in Mumbai and 80 people are expected to Bangalore.

The guide, Creating Inclusive Workplaces for LGBT Employees in India, was sponsored by major corporations Goldman Sachs, IBM and Google and put together with the help of local NGO Mingle (Mission for Indian Gay & Lesbian Empowerment).

‘With changes in legislation and the emergence of a more visible LGBT community – not just in India but across Asia, we believe companies need to address this issue,’ said Community Business managing director Kate Vernon

‘We know, both anecdotally and from our own research at Community Business, that LGBT individuals in India face discrimination and challenges in many aspects of their lives – including in the workplace,’ said Burns.

‘Our view is that companies have a critical role to play in creating workplace environments that are safe and open – and that it makes sound business sense for them to so.’

Community Businness’s next projects include a sexual orientation diversity workshop in Lebanon and more research into the experiences of LGBT employees in Asia.  



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