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Mississippi governor announces he will sign 'don't serve the gays' bill

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act will take effect on 1 July
Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant

Governor Phil Bryant announced he will sign Mississippi's  Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a proposal many argue allows public businesses to deny services to LGBTI customers.

The bill quickly passed through the state legislature earlier this week. On 2 April, as reported by Reuters, the Republican governor issued a statement announcing his intentions.

The bill also includes a measure to add the phrase 'In God We Trust' as part of the US southern state's motto.

After the vote of the state House and Senate the Human Rights Campaign, a LGBTI equality organization, noted the proposal would allow pharmacists to decline providing HIV and hormone replacement therapy drugs. Restaurants, inns, and hotels could deny service to LGBTI families/couples celebrating an anniversary or adoption.

'While there were many efforts to correct the clearly problematic elements of this legislation, the bill still has the effect of making LGBT people strangers to the law,' HRC State Legislative Director Sarah Warbelow said in a statement.

Once signed, the act takes effect on 1 July.

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"I'm glad I'm not in the land of cotton,
my feet stink, but their's are rotten,
get away, get away, get away Dixieland!"

Ol' Mississippi leads the USA in poverty and ignorance - and, is DAMNED PROUD OF IT! Note: The Confederate "Bars & Stars" still incorporated into the State Flag.

As all of the players in this drama already know: When this bill becomes law, it will be challenged in the courts and struck down - time and energy and money will have been wasted on this spectacle to appease and entertain the masses for the short time.

The "Apartheid" practiced in the southern states has been their own destruction. It effectively removes a significant portion of the human population from participating in and contributing to the economy, while at the same time squandering tax dollars on enforcement. Mississippi has been locked in this "Death Spiral" since the American Civil War (early 1860's), and really would have gone under if not for the financial aid coming in through the Federal Government from the other more progressive, educated, and productive states.

Oh gawd, here we go again/still.