Mitt Romney, Donald Trump lookalikes marry in gay spoof campaign

Barack Obama impersonator 'marries' right-wing politicians including Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin

Mitt Romney, Donald Trump lookalikes marry in gay spoof campaign
01 August 2012

A Barack Obama impersonator has ‘married’ lookalikes of Mitt Romney and Donald Trump for a new marriage equality campaign.

The adverts also show lookalikes of far-right politicians Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin tying the knot.

The humor may have been lost on some people, as the campaign was banned in California and other states in the US.

Greg Hodge, CEO of Beautiful People, told Gay Star News that as long as all of his members cannot enjoy the same benefits and recognition of their fellow citizens, he will be campaigning for marriage equality.

He said: ‘By using political figures we wanted to show how many of our political heavy weights will find themselves on the wrong side of history.

‘It’s not about gay rights; it’s about basic human rights pure and simple.’

Beautiful People were forced to censor the advert but were not given a reason by company Clear Channel. However, the full image can be seen on the side of trucks in New York City.

The adverts coincide with Beautiful People publicizing their gay and lesbian versions of the dating site.

Members do not simply sign up; they have to get through the bouncers. This means a selection of people vote on whether the prospective member is attractive enough to join the site.

When asked if Donald Trump was beautiful enough to get onto the website, Hodge said: ‘No but his money would surely help his chances.’



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