Mitt Romney meets a gay veteran in viral video

Republican presidential candidate had an uncomfortable discussion about gay marriage with an ex-soldier on his campaign tour

Mitt Romney meets a gay veteran in viral video
06 September 2012

When Mitt Romney met a 63-year-old veteran on his campaign tour back in December 2011, he thought it would just be a quick photo opportunity.

What the US Republican presidential candidate didn’t realize was the New Hampshire resident Bob Garon was not sitting with a friend, but with his husband.

Originally published by ABC News, Garon asked the right-wing politician whether he supported the repeal of the New Hampshire same-sex marriage law.

Predictably, Romney confidently replied he believes marriage should only be legal between a man and a woman.

Garon responded: ‘It’s good to know how you feel, that you do not believe everyone is entitled to their constitutional rights.’

‘No actually, I think at the time the Constitution was written it was pretty clear marriage was between a man and a woman,’ Romney said, just as one of his campaign aides said they needed to ‘get going’ to a Fox News interview.

As Romney left, Garon says he appreciated Romney’s answer. He adds: ‘I learned something, New Hampshire is right, you have to look a man in the eye to get a good answer and you know what governor?

‘Good luck. You’re going to need it.’

Garon was then besieged by reporters, who asked him whether Romney’s response to his question had changed his political views.

‘I went and fought for my country and I think my spouse should be entitled to the same [benefits as they would] if I were married to a woman,’ he said. ‘What the hell is the difference?’

While the video is months old, it has only become viral recently in the run-up to the elections in November.

Check out the video here:



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