Mob hurls petrol bombs at British and Haiti gay couple during engagement ceremony

Anti-gay violence is 'out of control' in Haiti as a gay couple's private event was ruined by a gang wielding rocks and molotov cocktails

Mob hurls petrol bombs at British and Haiti gay couple during engagement ceremony
12 August 2013

A mob wielding petrol bombs and rocks ruined a British man and his Haitian partner’s engagement ceremony.

Several people were injured, two cars were set on fire and windows were smashed in at the venue in Port-au-Prince on Saturday (10 August).

As reported by the AFP, inspector Patrick Rosarion said police arrived just in time to prevent any one being killed.

Charlot Jeudy, an activist from Haiti gay rights group Kouraj (Courage), said the attack was a clear example of homophobia.

‘This is a criminal act and homophobic,’ he said. ‘There is no justification for this kind of attack on people in a private residence.

‘Hopefully the justice authorities will react to the perpetrators of this act.’

The British victim, identified only as a member of the Red Cross named Max, said he was fine but did not wish to be identified in fear of making his partner more vulnerable to gay hate crimes.

It follows the GSN report that revealed Haitian gangs have increased their attacks on the LGBT community.

In one week, 47 gay people were attacked by mobs wielding knives, machetes, cement blocks, sticks and iron bars.

Before the gangs stepped up their attacks on LGBTs, a march was led by the Haitian Coalition of Religious and Moral Organizations that claimed a gay marriage bill was going to parliament.

The reasons for the march baffled human rights campaigners and government ministers, who said there was no bill and no plans for equal marriage in Haiti.

two days before the march led by the Haitian Coalition of Religious and Moral Organizations – a group LGBT activists in the country had not previously heard of.

The ‘coalition’ was rallying people against a gay marriage bill they claimed was going before parliament. But this has baffled human rights campaigners and government ministers who say no such bill exists.

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The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has condemned the increasing violence.

They said: ‘It is imperative that Haiti [adopts] effective measures to prevent the repetition of these types of acts of violence and discrimination in the future.’



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