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Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson pledges $10,000 to Australian fight for gay marriage

Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson says he is looking forward to shooting a special episode of the show in Australia and has pledged to donate $10,000 to the campaign for same-sex marriage in the South Pacific Nation
Jesse Tyler Ferguson (right) and Eric Stonestreet from the show "Modern Family" at the 2010 HRC National Dinner
Photo b DB King

ABC TV’s Modern Family has announced it will be shooting an episode in Australia during 2014 with the cast and crew planning to shoot for two weeks in a few months time.

The announcement was made yesterday, but actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson earlier today announced he plans to donate $10,000 towards the fight towards marriage equality in Australia on his blog.

‘Like many marriage equality advocates we were saddened to hear that Australia’s High Court recently overturned the law that legalized same sex marriage in their great country,’ Ferguson wrote on his Tie The Knot blog.

‘Our hearts went out to those people who were suddenly stripped of those rights. Couples who had wed in that short window had to face the reality that their marriages were now annulled. Having been through a similar situation with Proposition 8 here in California, we could really empathize with the frustration and sadness of those who supported and fought for marriage equality. Newlyweds ourselves, Justin and I kept thinking how devastated we would have been if suddenly we were no longer recognized as a legal couple.

‘We have great faith in their strength and perseverance…. so much so I am personally pledging $10,000 toward the marriage equality efforts in Australia.'

Ferguson’s donation pledge was welcomed by the Australian campaign for same-sex marriage.

‘We applaud Jesse Tyler Ferguson's generosity and his commitment to marriage equality,’ Australian Marriage Equality national director Rodney Croome said, 'Jesse's concern for marriage equality in Australia is shared by many people overseas who want to see us catch up with our closest friends and allies like the US, Britain, Canada and New Zealand."

"I'd like to see Jesse's donation spent on community education campaigns and on mobilizing grassroots support in key electorates. We need to ensure that all modern families have their voices heard."

Tyler Ferguson married his partner of two years, Justin Mikita, in the US in 2012 and the couple holidayed in Sydney and Melbourne during Thanksgiving last year.

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