Modern Family creator dares ‘far-right’ not to love show’s gay couple

Steve Levitan says Cam and Mitch have been embraced around the world

Modern Family creator dares ‘far-right’ not to love show’s gay couple
10 January 2012

While gay marriage has been a hot topic in the GOP presidential primaries, Modern Family creator Steve Levitan told TV critics Tuesday (10 January) that there has been very little pushback about his show's gay couple.

'To the far-right, watch the show and I kind of dare you to not love Cam and Mitch,' Levitan said. 'I'm pleasantly surprised to the world's reaction to that part of our modern family.'

Cam and Mitch, played by Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, have been two of the Emmy-winning sitcom's most popular characters since the show's debut in 2009.

On the show, Mitch and Cam are raising adopted daughter, Lily, and are given equal screen time to the other members of the sitcom family.

'It's easy for people to object to something in the abstract but when you make it personal and show these people have good hearts and are loving and committed parents, it's hard not to love them,' Levitan said.

Levitan, participating in a panel of comedy showrunners at the TV Critics Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, also made a reference to Pope Benedict's remarks earlier this week that gay marriage is among the things that 'threatens the future of humanity itself.'

'One of the big surprises of our show is America and the world really has embraced Mitchell and Cam,' Levitan said. 'We are in 200 markets around the world, including the Vatican City. They have embraced Mitchell and  Cam. I think that's interesting.'




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