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Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet refused to pose for photo with gay marriage foe Rick Santorum

Stonestreet's TV character recently married his male spouse on ABC hit

Eric Stonestreet plays one of the most high-profile gay characters on television while Rick Santorum is one of the most high-profile opponents of gay marriage.

So when the two men encountered each other at the White House Correspondents Dinner this year, Stonestreet was surprised to have the former US Senator from Pennsylvania ask to be in a photo with him.

The two-time Emmy winning actor just could not do it.

'Rick Santorum wanted a picture with me,' Stonestreet told Huff Post Live this week. 'It was at a time when he was publicly saying, "Gay marriage, gay marriage (is wrong)" and I'm like, "You know, I can't do it."'

Stonestreet added: 'It was with him and his kids or something like that, and I said, "I'd be happy to take a picture with the kids, but I can't just be in a picture with (Santorum)."'

Stonestreet is set to begin his sixth season on Modern Family which has won the Emmy Award for outstanding comedy series each year that it's been on the air.

The fifth season finale featured the wedding of the couple played by Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

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