Molly Meldrum out of hospital

Openly gay Australian pop guru Molly Meldrum was released from hospital and transferred to rehab

Molly Meldrum out of hospital
20 January 2012

Openly gay Aussie pop guru Ian 'Molly' Meldrum, friends with stars such as Kylie, Madonna and Cher, was transferred from the Alfred hospital in Melbourne to the Epworth Rehabilitation Centre late Thursday night.

The rehab facility, situated close to his Richmond home, will play an important part in Meldrum's recovery. He is still suffering from post-traumatic amnesia as well as his sustained injuries after a critical fall from a ladder at home before Christmas.

After speaking openly to press, Meldrum's brother Brian said Molly's condition is improving but it was impossible to exactly know what is in store for the Australian legend.

'It's a fluctuating thing, his spirits can be high at one stage but he doesn't necessarily know where he is because of the short-term memory (loss),' he said.

'You tell him he's in hospital one day… and the next day he wouldn't have a clue as to where he is.

'But that's post-traumatic amnesia. That's the thing we're dealing with and it's a process we've got to go through.

'It might not be the same Molly that went into hospital, but he will be pretty close,' his hopeful brother explained.

Brian Meldrum also made it clear he wanted to thank everyone who offered their support especially the medical teams that have treated Meldrum throughout this ordeal: 'We remain grateful for the superb care he received at the Alfred over the last four weeks.

'As well as his physical recovery, doctors are carefully monitoring his post-traumatic amnesia and he continues to need minimum stimulation as part of that treatment.'

Meldrum, who was in talks to bring back the much-loved television show Countdown, suffered a fractured skull, brain swelling, a punctured lung, a broken collarbone and fractures to his left rib cage.

According to reports he has started to talk in small conversations.



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