Mom begs the public for her dead gay son’s final moments

A man from Derry, Northern Ireland, has been found dead in his home shortly after being attacked

Mom begs the public for her dead gay son’s final moments
20 February 2013

A grieving mother in Northern Ireland is pleading for the public’s help in tracing the final moments of her gay son.

Terry McCartney, 42, was found dead at his flat in Londonderry at 10am on 6 February.

A well-known gay activist, McCartney was involved in a fight with a group of men hours before his death, during which he was punched to the ground.

After the post-mortem, police are not treating the death as suspicious.

Speaking to the Derry Journal, Margaret McCartney is urging people to come forward with any information that could help her come to terms with her son’s death.

‘I need to know what Terry was doing in the hours before he died,’ she said.

‘Until I know where he was, what he was doing and who he was with, I can’t settle. All I have at the minute are questions; I need answers.’

‘Any scrap of information – however unimportant it might seem – could be helpful.’

Losing McCartney came as a shock to his mother and two sisters, who lost a brother more than 10 years ago.

‘I thought it could never happen again and it has,’ said sister Michelle.

‘I wouldn’t wish this on anybody. I just wish we could get some answers.’

If you have any information, contact Northern Ireland Police on +44 (0)845 600 8000. 



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