Mom supports six-year-old son in love with another boy

An American blogger has described the moment her six-year-old son told her he was in love with another boy

Mom supports six-year-old son in love with another boy
26 September 2012

A supportive mom has written about her six-year-old son who told her he was in love with another boy.

Kelly Byrom, posted the story on the blog, Design is Good on Monday (24 September). 

In her posts Byrom calls her three children different names to protect their identities.

She said: ‘A few days ago Twirl revealed he was in love with another boy. He said mommy do you know who I am in love with?…CJ!

‘And I say “ohh are you?” and he says “yes, I have been in love with him since the day I first saw him in the playground." Twirl had a huge grin on his face and was almost squeezing his knees in excitement.’

The blogger, whose husband Cory is also a blogger, refers to her young daughter as Firecracker and baby son Tornado.

Byrom said: ‘So I already know what tons of people will say, “how does he know he likes boys, he’s only six."

‘I do know my kids are brutally honest, they are not shy about saying what is on their minds. Twirl is telling us how he feels, and is comfortable doing so because he knows we love him, all of him.’

The supportive parents, who describe their son as a ‘gender bender’ who likes everything ‘girly and pink’ were clear to state that ‘being gay does not equal sex.’

Byrom said she was not going to box her son into a category so early in his life.

‘Right now he has a crush on a boy. Actually two, today he revealed he also has a crush on Carter. Good to see he is keeping his options open,’ she said.

Check out the full blog post here.



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