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Montana Democrat airs gay marriage ad

Democratic candidate makes case for same sex marriage
Gay marriage ad

Montana Democrat Dave Strohmaier wants to take a liberal perspective to the House of Representives. In a recent ad, called 'If You're a Progressive, Prove It' the candidate promises to advocate for marriage equality.

In the video Strohmaier, clad in a brown suit and his ever present tan hat, officiates a wedding. As a bride walks down the aisle, the candidate makes a promise.

'In Congress, I'll protect everyone's right to liberty and happiness. And I'll support marriage equality.'

With that sentence, the bride reaches the altar and is met by her soon to be wife ---nattily dressed in a tuxedo.

Strohmaier, presently a council member on the Missoula City Council, offers another reason why he supports marriage rights: Republicans don't like it.

'And you know what? It sure does annoy Republicans,' the candidate says into the camera.

According to a 2011 Gallup poll, only 28 percent of Republicans believe same sex marriage should be legal. On the opposite side of the aisle, 69 percent of Democrats favor marriage rights for LGBT couples.

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