More than 20 Uganda teen girls expelled for ‘lesbianism’

Girls as young as 11 lose their futures as they are accused of forming a society to 'recruit' other teens into the 'act of homosexuality'

More than 20 Uganda teen girls expelled for ‘lesbianism’
17 December 2013

A high school in Uganda has expelled more than 20 students for ‘lesbianism’.

Iganga SS, a school for teens in eastern Uganda, claims students had formed a society to ‘recruit’ girls into homosexuality.

Four of the expelled students were only 11 years old.

It is being suggested from local news sources the school management was becoming afraid of being questioned on why the girls were realizing lesbians existed, and did not want the parents to blame the school.

A teacher, who has confirmed the story, said the girls were expelled at the end of the year in order to avoid a backlash from other students.

‘[Homosexuality] has been there but we resolved to bear with it until the end of the year such that the innocent students are not affected,’ the teacher told the Ugandan Observer.

‘You sometimes get learners going on rampage when their colleagues are expelled.’

Local news sources suggest the students had formed a ‘society’ on campus where they regularly met to discuss how to ‘convince’ more students to practice the ‘act of lesbianism’.

It is unknown whether this is true or not.

When Gay Star News contacted the administrators at the school to confirm the story, we were told no comment would ever be made.  

Tom Kimaliyo, a parent at the school, said expelling the students would be ‘disastrous’ to the girls’ future and urged the government to intervene.

‘Expelling is bad and even evil,’ he said. ‘Students are sent to school to be sensitized and educated.

‘If found to be of any negative influence, the best is to get the young girls involved in counselling and monitoring to help them change behaviour or support them in coping with the situation.’

Earlier this month, a former politician launched a campaign to drum up support for the delayed ‘Kill The Gays’ bill.  With the support, it has led to the arrest of a former national soccer manager for sodomy.

While Uganda already punishes LGBTs with life imprisonment for having gay sex, the new law would mean they would face the death penalty if they were a ‘repeat offender’.



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