More Aussies support gay marriage than ever says poll

A new poll shows 64% of Australians are in favor of gay marriages

More Aussies support gay marriage than ever says poll
06 August 2012

A new Galaxy poll prepared for Australian Marriage Equality (AME) has found that gay marriage support in Australia is at highest level so far.

The poll surveyed 865 Australians aged 18 to 69 years, distributed throughout the Australian states. It found that 64% agreed that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry, of which 32% indicated strong agreement.

Additionally, results showed that 41% were more likely to vote for the opposition Coalition if it allowed a conscience vote on same sex marriage, while 32% said their vote would not be affected.

Alex Greenwich, AME convener, pointed out that it will be a win win situation for same-sex couples, their families and Tony Abbott’s Coalition, despite Abbott’s reluctance to allow a free vote.

‘A Coalition conscience vote won’t just benefit same-sex couples and their families, it will also benefit the Coalition at the ballot box,’ Greenwich said.

‘Support for marriage equality has risen to its highest point ever because Australians are increasingly realising that marriage equality will strengthen relationships, families and marriage.

‘If [the federal parliament] ignore the aspirations of the majority of Australians and fail to support this reform, it will occur anyway. State by state and territory by territory.’

A new adveritising campaign has also been launched, promoting the message that marriage is about family and equality rather than the gender of the marriage.

The video features a gay couple and their extended families, how they support the couple’s relationship and embrace each other as family.

The clip can be viewed in full below:



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