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Morning news host Robin Roberts defends out NFL draft pick Michael Sam

The lesbian host of ABC's Good Morning America sees nothing wrong with Sam kissing his boyfriend after being selected in the National Football League Draft
ABC's Good Morning America host Robin Roberts
Greg Hernandez

Robin Roberts, the out host of ABC's Good Morning America, doesn't know what the big deal is with Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend after being selected by the NFL's St. Louis Rams.

'What was he supposed to do,' Roberts asked in an interview with CNN's Reliable Sources. 'Shake his hand.'

'He's happy like every other young man is happy, and turned to somebody and showed their gratitude, and expressed their love, to the person that was next to them,' Roberts continued. 'His just happened to be his boyfriend.'

The seventh-round draft pick faced criticism after his kiss, and embrace, of boyfriend Vito Cammisano was aired by ESPN.

Roberts also discussed her coming out and how it's been received.

'We were pleasantly surprised that there was a big shrug of the shoulders,' Roberts said.

Amber Laign is the news host's long-time girlfriend. 

Below is the clip of the CNN interview:

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