Moscow’s largest gay club shuts down after shootings, poison gas attacks

The Central Station was the haven for LGBTI Russians until a 'campaign' was allegedly launched to get the club to vacate the premises

Moscow’s largest gay club shuts down after shootings, poison gas attacks
17 March 2014

Moscow’s largest gay club has shut down over a series of attacks, according to local reports.

The Central Station was the target of over 20 attacks last year, with incidents ranging from shootings to the dance floor being sprayed with poison gas.

On one occasion, a group of around a hundred people occupied the building’s attick – dismantling the roof and stealing equipment.

Andrei Lischinsky, the owner, left the nightclub earlier this year as he said he was tired of all the ‘fighting’.

It was believed it would remain open under new management, But now, the landlord company has confirmed the club has closed its doors for the final time.

On his VK page, Lischinsky said: ‘I am resigning from my job as CEO of the Central Station club.

‘Tired of fighting with the “windmills”. It has been three years of unforgettable work in the biggest gay club in the country, a lot has been passed through: the attack of the local prosecutor’s office, and burning my car down , and the fight against the raiders… It was one of the most interesting experiences of my working life.’

Prior to his resignation, Lischinsky accused his landlords of attempting to force the club out of the building in order for it to be redeveloped. His contract allowed the Central Station to occupy the premises until 2017.

‘The purpose of all these actions is to intimidate the Central Station clientele. This can be called both raiding and extremism,’ he said.

Lischinsky has said he has lodged more than 30 complains with the police without any response.

The club’s official website does not contain any announcements of either closure or upcoming events.



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