Moscow gay club attacked by masked thugs

Attack on Coming Out Day party in Russian capital comes after nationalist Christian group called for ban on Moscow gay clubs

Moscow gay club attacked by masked thugs
12 October 2012

A gay club in Moscow was attacked by 20 masked thugs, just days after Orthodox Christian activists called for a ban on LGBT nightspots.

Around 15 to 20 masked assailants stormed the Coming Day party at the Russian capital’s 7freedays club last night (11 October), vandalizing and beating revellers.

For us it was just a party, it was full,’ an eyewitness told Xenia.

Well-known artists appeared. Suddenly, about 15 people stormed with surgical masks and hoods into the club. They began to destroy the club, overturning tables, beating people.’

The eyewitness claimed medics treated some of the 80 or more party-goers on site while three people had to go to hospital.

Injuries included a woman with a wounded eye and another suffering from a concussion.

The police confirmed the incident happened at 10.30pm Russian time, reported Ria Novosti, but eyewitnesses have complained that officers took 30 minutes to arrive at the scene.

Party organizer Pavel Samburov, of the Rainbow Association, suspects that members of Orthodox Christian group, the Narodny Sobor, were responsible for the attack.

The nationalist group launched a petition this week calling on Moscow’s parliament to ban the city’s ‘sinful’ gay bars and clubs.

The homophobic activists claimed ‘it’s necessary to close gay clubs’ in Moscow because they ‘directly entice immature souls’ into the LGBT community.



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