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Moscow gay club attacked with poison gas

Four attacks have been made on Russia's Central Station nightclub since the gay propaganda law was enforced this summer
A Russian gay club is fearing more attacks after the fourth this weekend.

A Moscow gay club was attacked with poisonous gas, forcing several people to seek medical attention.

On Saturday night (23 November), unknown attackers sprayed the chemical weapon inside club Central Station.

Around 500 clubbers were escorted outside of the building where some were told to go to hospital.

After the staff turned on a smoke removal machine, it eliminated the gas in a matter of minutes.

Police are investigating the attack and currently have no suspects.

Andrey Leschinsky, the club’s general director, told LifeNews that by spraying the gas inside the club premises, the attackers ‘are trying to express their extremist views against the LGBT community which likes to visit out club’.

It is the fourth attack on the club since the ‘gay propaganda’ law was enforced in July.

Last week, two unknown men harassed patrons and opened fire on the club. Thankfully, no one was harmed.

The owners of the club fear the campaign against them is aimed at getting them to vacate the building.

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