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Most developed countries, but not the US, now support gay marriage

While four in ten support same-sex marriage in the United States, they are lagging behind the UK, France and other developed countries
A new poll has found the majority of Western countries, except from the US, now support same-sex marriage.

As the US waits at the edge of their seats for the Supreme Court to make a decision on Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act, it is being revealed today most Western countries now support same-sex marriage.

If the Supreme Court was basing their opinions on the polls, they would discover only four in 10 people supported full equality for gay couples, but another 23% backed some form of legal recognition.

In the UK-based Ipsos MORI survey carried out in 16 nations, it found an overwhelming 81% of Swedish people believe gay couples deserve full marriage rights, the highest proportion in the poll.

Norway, with 78% in support, Spain, 76% and Belgium, 67%, all notable for being countries where same-sex marriage is legal.

The lowest support was in Poland, where just 21% support same-sex marriage, followed by Japan with 24%, South Korea with 26% and Hungary with 30% in favor.

Although gay marriage is recognized in Pope Francis’ resident Argentina, only 48% currently support the law.

The UK figure was 55%, slightly above the average but below other recent opinion polls on the issue.

Simon Atkinson, of Ipsos MORI, said: ‘Same-sex marriage is more controversial in Westminster than it is among the public at large.

‘What this poll shows is that David Cameron is in step, not just with the mood in Britain, but also with people in countries aro

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