MPs having gay affairs plan to vote against marriage equality

Gay political pundit Iain Dale has said there are married MPs having gay affairs who plan to vote same-sex marriage

MPs having gay affairs plan to vote against marriage equality
04 February 2013

A gay political pundit has said there are closeted politicians who are planning to vote against marriage equality tomorrow (5 February).

Iain Dale, a former Conservative politician, has said while he does not believe in ‘outing’ anyone, he knows others who will take a different view of ‘rank hypocrisy’.

He said: ‘I’ve been looking at the Coalition for Equal Marriage’s website, and their list of MPs who intend to vote against allowing gay people to marry on Tuesday.

‘I note with interest the names of several MPs who most people in the Westminster Village know to be closet case gays. And I note also the names of two supposedly straight MPs who I know to be conducting gay affairs at the moment.

‘I don’t believe in ‘outing’ anyone, but because of the rank hypocrisy there will be others who will take a different view.’

The 50-year-old author added: ‘How is it possible to be married yourself, and yet at the same time vote to deny that privilege to someone whose pants you have just pulled down?’

There are two openly gay MPs who have spoken out against the marriage equality plans, Conor Burns and Ben Bradshaw.

Burns, who said there is no ‘clamour’ for it in the gay community, and Bradshaw, who said the fight for equality was a case of ‘semantics’.

However Bradshaw has said he will vote for marriage equality, with Burns yet to say whether he was for or against it.

Dale has also written a letter that has been sent to all MPs in the House of Commons.

In it, he states: ‘In ten year’s time, when we look back on this debate, I suspect there will be very few people who will want to turn the clock back.

‘Equal marriage has been introduced in many other countries, including Catholic Spain and Protestant Holland. So far as I know it has not undermined straight marriage at all.

‘Each of you will know someone who is gay. A son or daughter. A work colleague. The guy who owns the shop where you buy your morning paper. Your researcher.

‘Can you really justify saying to any of them: “I am happy to vote to deny you the very same privileges and honour of marriage that I , as a straight man or woman enjoy?” Think on that.’



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