Mr Gay Namibia suspended after domestic violence claims

Wendelinus Hamutenya claims organizers of gay pageant are trying to 'sabotage' his work

Mr Gay Namibia suspended after domestic violence claims
26 November 2012

Last year’s Mr Gay Namibia winner has been suspended over domestic violence claims, just days before he is due to hand his crown to a new lucky finalist.

Wendelinus Hamutenya won the title in November 2011 in the country’s first ever gay pagaent and was also one of the first black Africans to compete in Mr Gay World 2012 in neighboring South Africa.

However, organizers of the event have suspended Hamutenya after it emerged he is being investigated for domestic violence in Johannesburg.

In a statement, organizer Chris de Villiers said: ‘It has come to the attention of the Mr Gay Namibia organisation that Mr Wendelinus Hamutenya, the former title holder of the Mr Gay Namibia 2011 title, is accused of unbecoming conduct.

‘Due to the gravity of the accusations against him the Mr Gay Namibia organisation had no alternative but to suspend him with immediate effect on November 24 2012, pending the outcome of the investigation.’

He added that Hamutenya will not be giving any media interviews or statements on behalf of the competition and last year’s runner-up Herman Feddersen will crown this year’s winner on Friday (30 November).

Hamutenya has accused Mr Gay Namibia organizers of trying to sabotage his projects and claimed domestic violence allegations were withdrawn, reported

He says he will shed his title if his suspension is not lifted.



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