Mr Gay UK donates prize money to charity

Mr Gay UK donates winnings to Terence Higgins Trust in support of friend with HIV.

Mr Gay UK donates prize money to charity
16 January 2012

Mr Gay UK winner Samuel Kneen has shown he’s beautiful on the inside as well by donating part of his prize money to charity.

The Welsh heartthrob, who was crowned this year’s champion at the gay male beauty contest, gave a portion of his £2,000 winnings to The Terence Higgins Trust (THT) in support of a friend living with HIV.

‘It was traumatic seeing what my friend went through,’ the 22-year-old hairdresser told Gay Star News.

‘So the charity’s work is something I feel quite strongly about and I think it’s a cause which needs more support.’

Mr Gay UK returned last year after a three-year hiatus and Kneen says he entered ‘on a whim’.

He said: ‘I’d just broken up with my boyfriend and I’d gone out to let my hair down, having a few drinks.

‘Mr Gay UK organizers asked me if I wanted to enter and I just thought, why not?’

Kneen used the rest of his prize money to pay off debt and buy presents for his friends but hopes to raise even more money for the charity when he teams up with Cardiff’s Pulse nightclub next month for a fundraiser.

The hunky pin-up, who has just landed a modeling job with underwear brand Lick, will be giving fans the chance to have their hair cut by him in exchange for a donation.

Steve Jones, director at THT’s Cardiff centre, is overjoyed with Kneen’s generous donation.

He said: ‘We will use that money to provide direct services to people living in Wales and will help provide our counseling service for people who are coming to terms with their HIV infection.

‘So, it’s a fantastic opportunity for us to show our support for that and to raise our profile even further.’



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