Murderer of trans woman sentenced to 112 years to life

Miguel Inostroz had shot Lucie Parkin in September 2011 over a debt dispute

Murderer of trans woman sentenced to 112 years to life
26 October 2013

A man has been sentenced to112 years to life for the fatal shooting of a transgender woman over two years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area


Miguel Inostroz, 31, was convicted of second-degree murder after shooting dead Lucie Parkin, who he was collecting a debt from in a motel room in Hayward, California in September 2011.


Parkin had arrived at the La Quinta Inn in Hayward after a companion of Inostroz asked her to give them a ride.


When she arrived, Inostroz confronted her over the money she owed him. He then struck her with his gun and pulled her hair.


One of Inostroz’s companions tried to help Parkin, but Inostroz shot her in the back.


Inostroz’s lawyer, James Giller, had attempted to argue his client didn’t intend to shoot, saying the gun had been discharged by accident.


Giller had admitted the shooting occurred, but sought a verdict of involuntary manslaughter, which would carry a lesser sentence.


He also stressed that Parkin’s gender identity did not play a part in the shooting.


Inostroz was also convicted of assault with a firearm and for being a felon in possession of a gun.


Inostroz received such a harsh sentence because of California’s ‘three strikes’ rule, having previous convictions for robbery and burglary.



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