Musical about Cher is in the works

Broadway is goal for show about gay icon's legendary career

Musical about Cher is in the works
25 June 2012

Cher has already won an Oscar, a Grammy and an Emmy.

Could a Tony Award be next?

The gay icon, whose stardom dates back to the mid-1960s, tweeted to fans on Monday (25 June) that work is underway on a musical about her life that she hopes to take to Broadway.

‘Producers ‘are trying to write a musical of my life at moment,’ Cher writes. ‘It’s [a] very interesting idea.’

She said there would be ‘three Chers.’

The first Cher would be right before she met late husband and professional partner Sonny Bono (they are the parents of Chaz Bono) and go through the Sonny and Cher years which included hit records in the 1960s and television stardom in the 70s.

The second Cher would take the star from after her split from Bono in the mid-70s. It’s a period that includes her breakthrough in films and her Academy Award winning performance in Moonstruck through to her 1999 worldwide smash Believe.

The third Cher would be from post-Believe though today.

It’s not known if Cher herself would be in the show but in one of her tweets, the 66-year-old suggests herself for ‘old Cher.’



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