Muslim extremists warn ‘evil’ gays after weather stops pride parade

Anti-gay Islamic group tell LGBT community to give up 'this great sin' or Muslims will rise against them

Muslim extremists warn ‘evil’ gays after weather stops pride parade
09 July 2012

Extremist Muslims sent a warning to the ‘evil’ gay community to turn to Islam or face the wrath of God after a pride parade in Derby was cancelled over health and safety concerns.

Calling themselves the Derby Muslim Action Force, the group revealed on their blog plans to disrupt the LGBT festival on Saturday (7 July), saying they were disappointed at not being able to ‘confront the evil’.

Derbyshire Pride called off the parade because of the heavy rain which has been battering the north of England but the religious fanatics said they will save the placards and banners made for their counter protest to use at next year’s pride.

They also warned LGBT people that if they don’t ’embrace Islam’ and lead a ‘good life’ then Muslims will rise against them and ‘forbid the evil that you commit’.

‘You may have avoided the Muslims on this occasion, but know that your Lord is all seeing and all hearing and on the day of judgment you will be judged according to your actions,’ the group blogged.

‘We ask you to leave this great sin that you are committing. We invite you to Islam and to the vastness and pleasure of the hereafter, and know that your Lord is not in need of your worship, but YOU are in need of Him.’

Their message comes less than six months after three Muslim men from Derby were jailed for stirring up hatred in a landmark court case in February.

The group handed out leaflets calling for gays to be exectued as part of a protest against the gay pride parade due to take place on 10 July, 2010.

It was the first prosecution of its kind in Britain since legislation covering hate crimes was amended in 2010 to take into account homophobia.



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