Muslims say no to Lady Gaga in Indonesia

Islamic organisations issue warnings that Gaga concert is 'intended to destroy the nation's morality'

Muslims say no to Lady Gaga in Indonesia
08 May 2012

Following protests from Christians in South Korea against last month’s Lady Gaga concert in Seoul, Muslims in Indonesia are warning her against performing in Jakarta.

Gaga’s first performance in the world’s most populous Islamic country is scheduled for 3 June in Jakarta. A spokesperson for the Islamic Defenders’ Front (FPI) said: ‘Lady Gaga insults all religions. Even Christians in Korea opposed her. She is promoting the worship of Satan.’

Last month, chair of the FPI Habib Rizieq threatened: ‘If you want chaos in Jakarta, just continue to hold the concert,’ and said he would convey the message to the president.

In March a representative from Indonesia’s highest Islamic authority said: ‘[the concert is] intended to destroy the nation’s morality’.

The threats and hyperbole are not likely to prevent young ‘Little Monsters’ from going to see their ‘Mother Monster': 250,000 tickets for the concert sold in two hours and there are three Twitter accounts dedicated to Indonesian Lady Gaga fans, with over 30,000 followers in total.

One of the Twitter accounts, Lady Gaga Indonesia, said:

‘FPI are always doing the most, they’re pain in the ass in here. u know u’re doing something right if you get Indonesia bothered.

‘The worst thing about this is that they’re not necessarily protesting Gaga, rather the acceptance of LGBT people. I’ve never understood why ppl have a problem with accepting ppl & treating them w/ respect even u don’t agree with who they are.

‘We as her fans in Indonesia are not bothered with their threat to cancel her show in Jakarta’



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