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‘My crayon gay cures are not nonsense,’ therapist tells C4 in lawsuit threat

Jerry Mugandze, a Texas-based neurotherapist who uses color therapy to 'expel gay demons', is considering suing the makers of Channel 4's documentary Cure Me, I'm Gay
Jerry Mugandze, a Texas-based therapist, claims crayons can be the key to help 'cure' homosexuality.

A ‘therapist’ is threatening to sue after a UK documentary featured his theory that gay people can be ‘cured’ using crayons.

Jerry Mungadze, a Zimbabwe minister turned Texas neurotherapist, was featured in a Channel 4 film Cure Me I’m Gay.

In the show, gay British doctor Christian Jessen set out to experience ‘gay cure’ treatments offered around the world.

He meets with Mugandze, undercover, in order to experience his theory that children’s wax crayons could be the key in ‘curing’ homosexuality.

During the session, the therapist gave Jessen a picture of a brain and asks him to color it in.

‘Part of your pain is growing up like you don’t belong in your family, this is what the brown means,’ Mugandze said, as captured by the undercover cameras.

‘So this grey is seducing brown and brown starts agreeing whatever grey is, not knowing that grey is trying to steal your sexuality.’

Flummoxed, Jessen asked how coloring in a picture of a brain could possibly help ‘cure’ anything.

‘It seems that the therapy is analysing the different colors on my brain picture and then, over a number of sessions, working to change the colors until somehow I become heterosexual,’ the British doctor says.

‘As a medical doctor, I can’t see how you can learn anything about a patient’s hormones based on a colored-in picture. He’s just talking utter nonsense.’

Suprisingly, during the session Mugandze also admitted to being color-blind.

Mugandze now denies he is a ‘gay cure’ therapist and is consulting his lawyers after he received hate mail.

‘These people they are not going to hurt my business. I don’t work with them,’ he told Dallas Morning News.

‘I am not a gay therapist. I see all kinds of people all day long. These people for whatever reason are attacking me.’

He added: ‘My job is to heal people, not to teach them how to behave morally or spiritually. I don’t want to get side-tracked with that.

‘The people who want to come to me for help will always come. If I sue these people it will be to make sure they do responsible things, not because I want to prove something.’

While Mugandze said he was not a ‘gay conversion’ therapist, he stressed does not believe people are ‘born gay’.

‘If anyone says people are born this way, they would have a hard time convincing the scientific world of that,’ he said.

‘But I’ve never made homosexuality an issue in therapy.’

In a statement made to Gay Star News, a Channel 4 spokesperson said: 'The footage shown of Dr Christian Jessen receiving therapy from Dr Jerry Mungadze is a fair and accurate reflection of the therapy session.

'Dr Jerry Mungadze was given the opportunity to reply to the issues raised in the program but the production company received no response.'

The majority of mainstream health organizations are opposed to ‘gay cure’ therapies, describing it as dangerous for a person’s mental health.

See Mugandze explaining his ‘treatment’ below:

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