Naked man found dead in gay sauna after sex game went wrong

Semen was found on a towel and a chain around the neck of a Singapore businessman

Naked man found dead in gay sauna after sex game went wrong
26 September 2013

A naked man who was found dead at a gay spa likely died from a sex game gone wrong, a Singapore court has heard this week.

It is believed Yeo Hung Song, 48, was practising auto-erotic asphyxiation, which involves starving the brain of oxygen to increase sexual arousal.

Imran Abdul Amid, the State Coroner, has said suicide could also have been a possibility, the Straits Times reports.

Song arrived at Club One Seven Spa & Gym at around 2pm, a men only establishment on 19 November last year.

He entered Room 5, which featured a saddle bench with wooden legs and a two meter tall frame with metal chains dangling from each corner.

More than seven hours later at 9.30pm, a cleaner knocked on the door of the locked cubicle and got no response.

Song was found naked, on bended knees, with a chain around his neck.

On the floor was a towel, which was later found to contain his semen.

As the businessman’s clothes were in a locker, and there appeared to be no sign of struggle, they ruled out any possibility of homicide.

The State Coroner said the gay man was likely suffering from depression due to not being married, and could have been harboring suicidal tendencies.

Song was a regular patron of the sauna, visiting one or two times a week.

The inquiry heard he told a friend two weeks before his death that he wanted to commit suicide.

Auto-erotic asphyxiation is a lethal taboo, and kills more people than many would think.

According to an FBI estimate, as many as 1,000 Americans die from the practice every year.



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