Nearly two-thirds of Kiwis support same-sex marriage

Poll shows building momentum of support for gay marriage in New Zealand

Nearly two-thirds of Kiwis support same-sex marriage
07 June 2012

A TVNZ poll has shown that 63% of New Zealanders support gay marriage.

The poll showed that there is a wide generational split on the issue with 80% of 18 to 35-year-olds supporting a change in marriage law, but only 44% of over 55s agreeing with them.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key has said he is ‘personally not opposed’ to same-sex marriage. He said last month he ‘might vote for it’ if a gay marriage bill was brought to parliament but he would not bring it in himself.

Green Party MP Kevin Hague has said he would bring a same-sex marriage bill to parliament.

‘It is time for New Zealand to amend our laws to reflect the change in society’s views on same-sex marriage,’ Hague said. ‘Twice as many New Zealanders now support same sex marriage as oppose it.’

Meanwhile a Baptist theologian admitted the church is losing the argument about gay marriage on TV discussion show Close Up yesterday.

In a debate between vice principal of Carey Baptist College Laurie Guy and TV presenter Ali Mau, who is engaged to her partner Karleen Edmonds, Guy said:

‘It’s not inevitable but I accept that it may be likely. I think things are shifting.’

Guy also described gay marriage as ‘an aggressive act towards marriage’.

Mau, who was married to fellow TV presenter Simon Dallow before they divorced in 2009, said:

‘I could get married fifteen years ago when I got married the first time… and suddenly I can’t marry who I want to marry now and that seems odd and silly and out-dated… I just don’t believe that the church is going to win this one because the tide is against them.’



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