Nepali actor welcomes home his transgender child after surgery

Household name sit-com star says his child, who was born a boy, wanted to be a ‘perfect lady’

Nepali actor welcomes home his transgender child after surgery
14 February 2012 Print This Article

A well-known comedy actor in Nepal has spoken openly and warmly about his transgender child's male to female gender reassignment surgery.

Santosh Pant, who is a household name in Nepal for starring in popular sit-com Hijo Aja Ka Kura for ten years, told AFP on Sunday:

‘My son from childhood used to say that his body and soul were not matching each other. He had a male body but he said that his soul was of a female. He had been asking us for his gender reassignment and we were convinced by his logic. He told us that he would transform into a perfect lady if the transplant was carried out in early age. He is now 18 and a delay in surgery, according to him, could have made him look ugly. We did not want to see him sink into depression and took him to Thailand last month.’

Pant’s child, now 18, was named Pratik at birth but after the successful surgery in Thailand has renamed herself Caitlin. She is now recovering at home in Kathmandu. Her mother Pratbha told the Nepali-language Kantipur daily newspaper: ‘When she was in my womb, I prayed for a daughter. My dream has come true after 18 years and I am very happy.’

Nepal made history last year by officially recognising a third gender in the national census.



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