Netherlands ‘Gay Village’ revealed as PR stunt

Gay group said they wanted to raise awareness of homophobia by convincing everyone they were helping to create a gated community just for LGBTI people only

Netherlands ‘Gay Village’ revealed as PR stunt
19 June 2014

Plans to build a Gay Village just for the LGBTI community was revealed as a PR stunt yesterday evening (18 June).

Even though building plans were filed, and the mayor and other local officials was backing it, the project organizers are now claiming it to be an elaborate hoax to raise awareness of homophobia.

‘Planned’ for the city of Tilburg, the gated community would have included 13 different locations for the housing and include tennis courts and a cooking school.

But now it has emerged all of the local officials, estate agents and developers were convinced to play along by the Roze Maandag (Pink Monday) foundation.

Every year, the charity organizes a day at the Tilburg Fair dedicated to LGBTI issues.

In a post on its website, Roze Maandag explained how they were inspired to act after recent surveys found 22% of gay men in the Netherlands do not feel safe in their neighborhoods.

‘Although Gay Village is not real, intolerance against the gay community is,’ the statement read.

Plans for the LGBTI-only village was met with outrage, with many referring to it as a ‘gay ghetto’.

Fooling everyone, Roze Maandag said it was delighted by the negative reaction ‘to the effect that a gay village is indeed “ridiculous”.’

But now, some have suggested that calling it a ‘PR stunt’ was a hasty way of saving face.

On social media, some say it is a possibility that the real estate developer panicked over the negative reaction and asked Roze Maandag to help them out.

A spokesperson told the Netherlands Times: ‘We are happy with the thousands of negative, and the fewer positive, reactions. It is great to hear that the majority is against the idea.

‘All we wanted was to create an awareness, and we are certain that we succeeded in this.’



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