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Nevada state Republicans select first transgender candidate in the US

The Nevada State Republican party has selected the first transgender Republican candidate to run against a Democrat in United States history
District 30 Republican candidate Lauren Scott
Photo by Lauren Scott for Nevada Assembly District 30 campaign

Military veteran and transgender woman Lauren Scott has become the first transgender person to be chosen to run against a Democrat after her party selected her to stand in Nevada Assembly District 30.

Scott received 58% of the vote over rival Republican primary candidate Adam Khan who only received the support of 42% of party members.

Khan had been endorsed by the Nevada Republican Assembly but Scott received endorsement from Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval in her bid to be the candidate.

Sandoval appointed Scott to Nevada’s Equal Rights Commission in 2012 and she also helped found the group Equality Nevada.

Following her primary win Scott announced on Facebook that she had been contacted by the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund to discuss funding her campaign.

‘I am humbled and honored by the overwhelming support for my campaign,’ she posted after learning of her win.

‘A big thank you goes out to all of my friends and the voters of AD30 for trusting me to be their voice in the state legislature in 2015.’

Scott is hoping to unseat District 30’s Democratic incumbent Michael Sprinkle and hopes her ability to reach across the isle will resonate with voters who usually vote Democrat.

If she does she will become the first transgender state legislator to be elected in the US and the first transgender Republican to win office.

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