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New children's book teaches kids to hate gay families

The American Family Association, President Tim Wildmon has endorsed a new picture book by Amber Dee Parker and Hannah Sequra, God Made Dad and Mom
God Made Dad and Mom: A new picture book to teach kids gay families are not natural.

Right-wing Christians in the US are pushing a new book attacking gay families, called God Made Dad and Mom.

The picture book by Amber Dee Parker and Hannah Sequra tells the story of an adventurous young boy, Michael.

He prays for his classmate Jimmy and his two dads to learn ‘the truth’ about how God made them after a trip to the zoo where he’s told all animal families ‘consist of a male, a female, and their offspring’.

There is no acknowledgement that homosexuality is widespread in the animal kingdom.

And it’s endorsed on the back cover by the American Family Association (AFA).

Their President Tim Wildmon has in the past stated LGBT groups are ‘vile in many ways’ and gays are ‘immoral’ and ‘unnatural’.

When it comes to gay families he has commented on same-sex marriage ‘it makes me want to throw up, the idea of two grooms – well that’s the way a lot of people feel’.

While AFA director Bryan Fischer has previously said kids living in gay families should be kidnapped and 20 young students died in the Conneticut shooting in December because the school didn't embrace god.

LGBT activism site Good As You reports the book attempts to battle messages of LGBT equality with a ‘warm and fuzzy’ brand of hatred adding: ‘Lest you thought this book was anything other than aggressive indoctrination. It’s not.’

In the author’s official preview video of the book Amber Dee Parker describe how this ‘great book’ ‘can be used as a tool by grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters to give to the next generation in teaching them and educating them of God’s plan for families between one mother and one father’.

You can watch the book preview here. The comment function on the video is turned off:

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