New DNA breakthrough will not lead to lesbian designer babies

With British scientists saying they could create 'three parent' babies, it has raised hopes lesbian couples could use the techniques to raise a child of their own with genetic links to both parents

New DNA breakthrough will not lead to lesbian designer babies
04 June 2014

A new DNA breakthrough that could lead to ‘three parent babies’ will not lead to lesbians being able to have children together, GSN can reveal.

A British scientific expert panel have given their backing to allow babies with ‘three parents’ to be created in laboratories within two years.

Currently illegal in the UK, the fertility regulator says they have found no evidence the technique would be unsafe.

If the proper legislation is drafted up, it would allow Britian to become the first country in the world to have babies that effectively have three parents – two mothers and a father.

But this will only be given to couples who are carriers of incurable diseases or repeatedly miscarry because of mitochondria.

Described as the ‘power plants’ found inside cells, which turn food into energy, infected mitochondria can cause serious illness in one in 6,500 babies and can even kill.

Mitochondrial replacement therapy sees donor DNA from the ‘second mother’ implanted into a defective egg to correct genetic faults. Some critics are opposed to the treatment, saying it leads the way to ‘designer babies’.

But if a baby could have the DNA of two mothers, it has raised hopes a lesbian couple could use the techniques to raise a child with genetic links to both parents.

A Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority spokesperson said it would not be possible for a lesbian couple to seek this treatment.

‘On the assumption that both partners would want to make a significant genetic contribution, this technique would not be the best way to do it,’ she told Gay Star News.

‘People obviously have desires to want to be able to use technologies. But even if these techniques were made lawful for wider use, there will eventually be other straightforward and less risky techniques for doing so.

‘This would the last option for a lesbian couple.’



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