New lesbian plot on UK soap Coronation Street

Sophie Webster and her physiotherapist Jenna will kiss in an upcoming episode of the long-running British soap

New lesbian plot on UK soap Coronation Street
30 December 2012

Coronation Street’s first lesbian character will find a new love in the New Year.

Sophie Webster, played by Brooke Vincent, has developed strong feelings in recent weeks for physiotherapist Jenna Kamara, played by Krissi Bohn.

In the long-running British soap, Webster has had her back brace removed and learns her appointments with her crush are soon coming to an end.

She will then a forward approach, admitting she has had feelings for her physiotherapist, and the two will kiss.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Vincent said: ‘Jenna tells Sophie that she’s going to move her case to a different physio, and I reckon that Sophie thinks it’s because Jenna has feelings for her.

‘But Jenna tells her that they have crossed a line and that they are not professional with each other and Sophie just decides to move in for the kill and thinks it is now or never really.’

It is Webster’s first storyline since she saved a drugged-up friend from being hit by a car, only to be knocked down herself.

It will also be the first relationship the character will be in since Webster cheated on her fiancé Sian Powers.

Coronation Street airs these scenes on 7 January at 7.30pm on ITV1.



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