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New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez accepts same-sex marriage is law now

Republican New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez says she has accepted her state’s Supreme Court’s ruling that legalized gay marriage and that it’s ‘the law of the land now’
Governor Susana Martinez
Photo by New Mexico State Government

New Mexico Republican Governor Susana Martinez told a Monday press conference that she had accepted that same-sex marriage was legal in her state and would not attempt to overturn its legalization.

Martinez had wanted the issue to be put to the voters but the state Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples must be allowed to marry on 19 December.

‘We hold that the State of New Mexico is constitutionally required to allow same-gender couples to marry and must extend to them the rights, protections, and responsibilities that derive from civil marriage under New Mexico law,' the justices wrote in their opinion.

Martinez was asked at the press conference if she would push for a resolution to ban same-sex marriage in the New Mexico state constitution and replied, ‘It’s the law of the land - the Supreme Court has spoken.’

New Mexico is taking a very different path on the issue to Utah, which also legalized same-sex marriage a day later on 20 December.

Utah successfully sought a stay on its court ruling by the US Supreme Court while an appeals court considers the matter., halting couples from marrying – though many did during a brief window after the ruling.

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