New Normal star speaks out on anti-gay backlash

Actor Andrew Rannells has blasted anti-gay groups such as One Million Moms who are boycotting the series

New Normal star speaks out on anti-gay backlash
29 August 2012

Actor Andrew Rannells has shared his frustration at the backlash The New Normal has received, despite the show not even being aired yet.

NBC affiliate KSL-TV has refused to air the show because its subject matter infringes on Mormon beliefs, and infamous anti-gay organization One Million Moms has boycotted the series.

In a PrideSource interview with Rannells, he said: ‘The silly part is that no one has seen it. So what that boycott is based on a two-line description of what they read this show was about and, just based on that alone, they’re upset.

‘That’s disappointing because ultimately, what this show is about is how much love it takes to start a family – and not just our family.’

Rannells also commented that Ryan Murphy, creator of New Normal and Glee, made a good point Ellen Barkin’s character represents the right-wing Republican viewpoint in America.

‘Ryan said One Million Moms might enjoy Ellen Barkin’s character because she’s sort of one of them.

‘Every argument is made on our show and continues to be made.’

The show follows a gay couple, played by Rannels and Justin Bartha, who meet a single Midwestern woman who becomes their surrogate for their child.

The New Normal premieres on 11 September on NBC. Check your local listings for times.



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