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New York City’s ‘straight friendly’ hotel

The Out NYC - not only a great gay hotel but also home to one of the city’s hottest clubs
The Out is New York City's first gay urban retreat - and home to leading gay club XL.

The Out’s General Manager David Lopez is justifiably proud of this sleek and stylish hotel on Manhattan’s West 42nd Street.

Having only opened in March 2012, Lopez admits that Hell’s Kitchen location was a bold decision, but it’s working. Demand has been strong for the 105 rooms, with 45% of visitors from outside the US and a lot of interest from travelers from Europe and Australia.

What’s interesting is that the hotel is also being favored by both gay and straight travelers - Lopez believes that about 40% of guests at the hotel are straight.

It’s easy to see the appeal - rooms at The Out are priced at around $285 (€217) and they’re modern and well appointed. The hotel offers an excellent gym as well as a spa, sauna and hot tubs.

Surprisingly The Out also has a couple of outdoor spaces where guests can sit out and enjoy the sunshine. There’s quite a bit of demand for these spaces for events - a great option if you’re thinking of planning a wedding in New York.

One of the other main features of The Out is that it’s the home of gay club XL which has quickly established itself as New York City’s destination of choice for a gay night out. Each night offers something different - we were there on Wednesday night for drag spectacular Hot Mess (honestly one of the best drag shows I’ve seen) and then we backed it up on Saturday night which was crazy busy for some hard core clubbing with music from DJ Manny Lehman and go-go boys a-plenty.

Gay hotels often conjure up images of a slightly sleazy and tawdry sex-cation, but The Out delivers a top hotel experience that provides the perfect base for a Manhattan weekend.

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