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New York City church announcement board calls for the stoning of gays

Pastor James David Manning's YouTube video calling for Christians to stone gays is pulled for breaking the site's hate speech rules
Announcement board of ATLAH World Missionary Church, located in New York City, says 'Jesus would stone homos'

James David Manning, a pastor from New York City, is calling for Christians to stone gays.

Manning's ATLAH World Missionary Church has a new announcement:

'Jesus would stone homos. Stoning is still the law.'

According to the site Joe My God Manning said in a YouTube video that Christians who do not attack gays are 'advocating lawlessness. Stoning of the homos is now in order. Stoning is still the law.'

The video clip has been pulled down from YouTube because it violates the site's hate speech codes.

The pastor, whose church is located in the Manhattan neighborhood Harlem, proudly preaches anti-gay bigotry. At the end of February he railed against 'homo demons.'

According to the gay media right group GLAAD an organization called the LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent took out an ad in the Amsterdam News criticizing Manning for his hateful rhetoric.

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