New York City mayoral hopeful’s wife talks about anti-gay threats

Kim Catullo, wife of New York City mayoral candidate Christine Quinn, talks about the anti-gay violence happening in 'a place that is the most tolerant'

New York City mayoral hopeful’s wife talks about anti-gay threats
20 August 2013

The wife of lesbian New York City mayoral candidate, Christine Quinn, revealed the candidate has received anti-gay threats.

Kim Catullo is getting prepared to join her wife on the last stretch of the campaign trail (the Democratic Party primary election is in three weeks). While Catullo did not describe the nature of the remarks, she is concerned.

‘Chris has gotten threats about being gay. It’s hard to accept and we live in a place that is the most tolerant,’ Catullo said to the Daily News.

‘I worry about everything, if she is getting enough rest, is she safe,’ Catullo continued.

Catullo, a lawyer, met Quinn in 2001. Their wedding in 2012 May was called, by the New York Times,  ‘one of the most prominent same-sex weddings of a public official to date.’

The proud wife also touched on the recent string of anti-gay attacks, including  one that occurred on the Chelsea block she and Quinn lived on.

‘When you have strides like marriage equality, you tend to think (prejudice) has passed, then things like that happen, and it wakes you up again,’ she said.

Last week, two gay men sustained cuts and bruises after being punched and kicked as they walked arm and arm. The New York Police Department released a sketch of two suspects.

While unfamiliar with campaigning, Catullo is certain her wife is the best candidate to lead the city.

‘I know her heart. I know her soul. I know who she is,’  Catullo said to the Daily News. ‘And as I tell her all the time, if New Yorkers knew who she was really, as I do, there’d be no question that she would win in a landslide.’

According to a 13 August Quinnipiac University poll Quinn is now second, with 24% of likely primary voters, trailing front runner Public Advocate Bill de Blasio by 6%.

The primary will be held on 10 September.  If no candidate gets 40% of the vote, there is a runoff between the top two candidates.



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