New York court strikes down marriage equality challenge

New York court beats back challenge to year old marriage law

New York court strikes down marriage equality challenge
06 July 2012

New York’s Appellate Division of the Supreme Court ruled today (6 July) against a challenge to the state’s marriage equality law.

Last June, the northeastern US state’s legislative body passed a same sex marriage bill (it was signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo). An organization called New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, called the law into question; it claimed the governor, in concert with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and gay marriage supporters, met in private with state Republican legislators. This was an alleged violation of the state’s open meeting law.

"The court’s decision affirms that in our state, there is marriage equality for all, and with this decision New York continues to stand as a progressive leader for the nation," Cuomo said, after the court’s ruling, as reported by the Associated Press.

The court’s ruling was 5-0. The counsel for NYCF insists there will be an appeal of the decision.

‘It’s a disappointment, because this gives a green light to the politicians to (use) strong arm tactics behind closed doors and shut out the people from the process,’ said Mathew Staver.

New York is the largest US state where gay marriage is legal. Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Washington, D.C. are the other states that permit same sex unions.



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